Think Forward – Look Forward – It’s the only real direction we can go
Think Forward – Look Forward – It’s the only real direction we can go

about Den Hill

After teaching for 28 years as an I.T. computer teacher at Moraine Park Technical College in Fond du Lac Wisconsin I finally have time in retirement to pursue a passion of mine, photography.

Photography has always been a favorite hobby of mine, I even had my own darkroom with complete ability to develop and print black and white prints when I was just twelve years old. I’m sure glad those chemical driven days of photography are a thing of the past. ‘Green’ photography (digital) is the way to go. After I retired I knew that taking my photography to a professional level would require a complete update of my existing equipment. I now shoot with only professional Canon cameras and their “L” lenses series. This combination has proven very successful for me. The difference between professional and non -professional camera equipment has visual consequences.

I look at photography as more than just a capture of a moment in time which it certainly is however with correct composition and lighting the captured image provides a treasured picture story. When I shoot ‘natural nature photography’ my goal is to have the photo rekindle a like memory the viewer has implanted in their own mind from either an actual observation or from some other media. Many times this will be a subconscious memory reaction to the photo but when this reconnection occurs, it is a wonderful experience for both the viewer and the photographer.

The natural beauty of the North Woods of Wisconsin along with many other beautiful U.S. locations provides me countless inspirational moments in which to capture nature scenes along with the wonderful inhabitants that live within. My hope is that you can connect or reconnect with these nature scenes.

Den Hill Gallery and Studio is located at my home in Manitowish Waters WI. Where I display my photography and where I will take a photo of your smile for free.  smiling-emoticon